6 snacks under 50 calories for mums on the run! 

Store them in your handbag, nappy changing bag, glove compartment or pram and enjoy them whenever you feel hunger is about to strike!

As someone who is always on some sort of diet these little life savers have helped me drop a few pounds before summer and have stopped me reaching for a large Starbucks Mocha or pack of cheeky pom bears!

Itsu miso soup – 44 calories

Unlike dried cup-a-soup sachets this is a nice thick paste that simply melts into boiling water. They are my go-to on fasting days!

Babybel light – 40 calories

Full of flavour these are a cheese lovers favourite when trying to be good!

Sun Maid Raisins – 42 calories

Not just for kiddies! Keep a few extra of these little boxes on you for when you need a quick snack too.

Waitrose Love Life Chicken Noodle soup – 44 calories

These have to be my favourite cup-a-soups going! Tasty and filling I actually look forward to these , yes really!

Options Hot Chocolate Drink – 40 calories 

Ask for some hot water when out and about and enjoy this hot drink for under 50 cals! Great for picnics and long walks (or I add to my coffee on cheat days for a quick fairly guilt free homemade mocha!)

Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins – 22 calories for a WHOLE pack 

The wasabi flavour is actually really nice and packs a slight punch, plus if you like sushi you will like these! And with this low calorie count – really you can’t go wrong.

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