3 ingredient breakfast cookies

Here’s the thing. Not many toddlers like breakfast. But most toddlers DO like the idea of a ‘cookie’ and as these prove they don’t need to be the Maryland variety to taste good! These cookies are pretty healthy and super tasty. I can concur!

Using just 3 ingredients, these oaty breakfast bites take minutes to make. Here’s what you need to do…

Mash up two really ripe bananas in a bowl then add 100g of porridge oats (any will do). The final part is the fun bit! For super healthy cookies add some slices of baked apples or some raisins…or go a bit crazy like we did and add chocolate chips! Oops!

Then using a spoon or ice cream scoop, put little mounds of mixture on a pre-lined baking tray and bake in the oven on gas mark 4 for 18-20 minutes. Leave to cool and set, then enjoy!

Ready made breakfast goodness.

Ps – if you feel your mixture is a tad dry add a splash of milk. If you use large rolled oats you may need to do this.

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